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Two Dress Designs by Sillyselly

Something I made for :iconskrapsie:
a coronation dress and a wedding dress for her character : 3 she’s sooo pretty and lovely! ^w^ I really enjoyed drawing this.
Soo yup, pale green is not a conventional color for a wedding dress… but it goes well with her hair and eyes- and it’s so pretty and sea foam-like =w= aaah…. !

Wardrobe Dress Adoptable by Sillyselly

I have this pretty custom made vintage wardrobe in my room… so I used its details to design an outfit ^w^
the lilac parts are semi-transparent… and yes- those are keys, and that’s a keyhole : p

selling for 10 $!

I wanted to put up some ‘what I wore’ commission (basically- you send a picture of some outfits and a picture of you and I draw it)

this was supposed to be an example but uh… =m= idk… it’s weird.

basically, I used a reference photo for my face and nothing for the rest OwO; gah it’s weird as fudge…

oh and that’s a rose lariat that mum crocheted for me =w= only pretty thing in this picture

Chewy by Sillyselly

Commission for :iconsparksii: ^w^ humanized version of her super cute guinea pig, Chewy!
I like working with cream+brown =w= such a relaxing, chocolate-and cream-like palette! *rolls on desk*

Commission - Bo by Sillyselly

Commission for :iconsparksii: ^w^ humanized version of her super cute guinea pig, Bo!
I like working with cream+brown+rust =w= such an autumn-y color palette! *rolls on desk*

Ruffle tutorial by Sillyselly

this is a quickie, but someone asked and so… : ) the lines are a bit wobbly because I don’t have my intuos with me, so I had to use my old tablet…ehm…
enjoy! I hope this is useful to someone : >

oh also, the last steps are optional- you don’t necessarily have to add the shine if the fabric is not translucent ;3

omg I just installed the tagviewer xkit expansion in order to read the tags on that maggie picture… XD

you guys are really nice (and sort of crazy, but it’s ok ;3)

lots of love <3 I feel appreciated =w=

…also, curious as to why some people tag it as scopophobia OwO; did I give her such a scary gaze…?

thank you for all the favs on my maggie picture ;w; I’m overwhelmed! My pictures usually get 0-3 notes here on tumblr XD ahah…

what’s even weirder- the picture is at 1047 notes (and counting) here, while it only has 24 faves on deviantart OwO; lol

like… my opal picture got 0 faves here and about 200 on deviantart

mind you- I’m not complaining! but sometimes those differences in reception really baffle me- I never know whether my art is good or not XD

I guess it just depends on trends etc… v.v. hmmm, interesting!

Lust by Sillyselly

I know the bg looks awfully simple, but anything else looked weird so OwO; I left it like that… eeeh….
I love maggie =w= veyr well written character with an extremely pretty design…ohoh…

I decided to draw a series of pumpkin themed dresses- and ended up drawing full character sketches instead : ) so yup, it’s meant to be sketchy, not a full painting… but I like the sketchy feel! ^w^

the thing is, I already have too many characters…
so I thought…. if anyone is interested, I’m selling these for 15 $ - special price since it’s my first time doing this sort of thing!: > I won’t set a deadline because I get the feeling that selling these is going to take some time X3

yeeeeaah that’s a prawn braid lol XD and salmon roes on her dress… ehm and prawn tails everywhere

and surimi stockings, salmon roe buttons and nori cone+rice skirt- and let’s not forget avocado stockings XD ahah…ehm

O’w’O I’m weird…

wip of that maggie picture I posted a while ago : ) still don’t know what to do with the background… I’ll figure it out : p

sushi outfits! >: D muohohohoh

'Chiffone' progress : > I had fun! with the sofa, especially- and her face- and painting pink hair. Painting haircolors that aren't natural is always a challenge (adding subtle undertones to it etc) ^w^

sooo yup, hope you like pink : B

fancy sofa v.v oooh-so-fancy!

ps.yes, I’ll edit the floating hair XD