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Where the Wisterias Bloom by Sillyselly

I’m happy with the background, not so much with the boring pose… =m= I want to draw interesting stuff gah…

continuing my perspective / architectural challenge… need to add furniture and people : )

Star Storm by Sillyselly

I have a huuuge art block and I’m unhappy with everything I draw- and my gallery in general m@ trying really hard to come up with something original and failing everytime gah… this is a fun piece : ) took more or less 2 hours… enjoy! (hopefully :3 )

Axolotl by Sillyselly

This was fun to do! : ) I never draw buildings (or water v.v) so I wanted to try and do some perspective-y, building-y, water-y picture X3 here it is… axolotls are cute >w

Further wip : > ohohoh

Pastel galaxy nails for my friend Giulia <3 

Your axolotl girl looks amazing and wow how does one become this brilliant but uh Who were you skype chatting?
theneverendingconspiracy theneverendingconspiracy Said:

Uhm, am I brilliant? :3 that’s very flattering! thank you so much! ^w^ I don’t often get such nice comments <3 I guess the best way to improve is to practice a lot. I know I know, that’s what every artist on tumblr says : p but it’s true so… yup. as for concepts, I just look at interesting objects and creatures around me and try to combine them in creative, fun ways! : ) if that was what you were asking…

my friend win suggested drawing a water city once, so that’s what I’m doing : ) we’ll see if I manage to draw buildings *dies*

and yup, she’s an axolotl girl V’w’V

Peach Crumble by Sillyselly

erm, I baked a peach crumble a while ago OwO; drawing cakes is fun, plus it give me an occasion to use fun color schemes…
I’m thinking of making a calendar with these food themed pictures… just a vague thought though v.v

peach crumble. no I don’t know what’s wrong with me lol

Key Lime Pie by Sillyselly

There’s a keyhole : B because it’s KEY lime pie. lolyup.                

I want key lime pie =w=; and a lime swing and a lime sun shining above me… lol

some random designs I did a couple of months ago : x